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BVX® is a management tool to understand shareholder value-drivers.

Owners are always interested in increasing shareholder value. To this end, sales and profit improvement get the most attention. However, there are other value-drivers that can improve shareholder value. The interactive capability of Business ValueXpress® (BVX®) is designed to help quickly identify and quantify the impact of other value-drivers. For example, 

    What is the impact on business value of improving inventory turns? 

    What is the impact on business value of quality financials, or good inventory counting?

    Does growth always mean more value? 

    Does higher profit margin mean higher price multiple, or higher value, or both? 

    Why do process industry valuations differ from traditional manufacturing? 

    What if the sales growth comes from slow-paying customers? 

    … and more. 

BVX® is a powerful tool for instantaneous "What if" analysis. Many of its answers are counter-intuitive, and often, unexpected.


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