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BVX® is a paradigm shift in the field of business valuation theory. 

Commonly known finance theory states, "... the value of the firm is independent of financing..." Such theory and its advancements have been the foundation for corporate valuations. However, the real world has significant deviations from the simplified assumptions used in such theories. In real world, value of a firm depends on available financing, terms of the deal, the structure of the deal, and operating parameters. 

Business ValueXpress® (BVX®) defines Value of a Firm as, 

"Value of a Firm is the Equilibrium of Price, Terms, and Deal Structure that satisfies the needs of all parties to an M&A transaction." 

BVX® calls this approach to valuation as the Equilibrium method of valuation

Using BVX®’s Equilibrium approach one values businesses based on Future Performance, Financial Leverage, Financial Return Expectation, Cash Flow (Not Profits), Deal Structure, Asset Type, and Exit Strategy. For more discussion see Valuation Approach of Business ValueXpress®

The Equilibrium approach satisfies the needs of all parties to the transaction; specifically, the needs of the seller, the buyer, the lender, the tax authorities, and the business itself. Some of the needs that BVX® satisfies are maximize selling price, minimize buyer equity, achieve buyer’s ROI target, meet lender obligations, pay all taxes, fund working capital etc. For more discussion see BVX® Methodology.

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