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BVX® has many features that are not available elsewhere.

Unique Features:

Business ValueXpress® (BVX®) provides many features that are not available anywhere else. Some of these unique features are,

  1. Simultaneous determination of, 1) selling price, 2) buyer equity, 3) gap financing (often-called seller financing), 4) goodwill, 5) cash down payment to seller, and 6) Mezzanine equity.
  2. Stock vs. Asset Valuation,
  3. Cash Value vs. Financed Valuation,
  4. Impact of tax-driven purchase price allocation,
  5. Strategic Buyer impact,
  6. Exit Strategy impact,
  7. Seamless transition between valuation and deal structuring,
  8. Instantaneous "What if" analysis, etc.

Other Features:

  1. 5 year inputs
  2. Financing Inputs: Revolver, Term Loan, Over Advance Loan, Loan with Deferred Principal, Balloon Loan, and Mezzanine financing with principal amortization and deferred principal payments.
  3. Non-compete and Consulting payments.
  4. Independent Real Estate financials and ROI analysis. (Note: BVX® does not value real estate, but does analyze its financials).
  5. Reports can be printed or exported to Excel. The reports consist of: 1) a two page Summary report of valuation results and all inputs, and 2) detail back-up reports of income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, ROI, sources/uses of funds, purchase price allocation, bank loan details, depreciation schedules, etc.
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