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BVX® is a new dimension in valuation accuracy and simplicity.  

High Accuracy: Business ValueXpress® (BVX®) provides highly accurate valuations that mirror actual buy/sell transactions in real-life. This accuracy is a direct result of BVX®’s approach of determining business value that satisfies the needs of all parties involved in buying and selling of a business. As an example, BVX® satisfies seller’s need for maximum price, and buyer’s need for return on investment (ROI) and minimum cash equity. Users have been surprised at the accuracy of BVX® valuation by testing it on completed transactions.

BVX® valuations include not only a numerical value for the business but also the associated terms, the deal structure, and the operating assumptions. Therefore, BVX® valuation will be different for an “all cash” transaction vs. a gap-financed transaction (gap financing is usually provided by either the seller, or a cash flow lender, or a mezzanine lender, or a combination of these parties). Similarly, BVX® valuation will be different if the transaction is an asset purchase or a stock purchase. Similarly, BVX® valuation will be different depending on operating parameters, financing, and future performance. 

BVX® results are more believable, because they are based on objective inputs. BVX® does not use any formulas, nor does it use any market data. Subjective inputs like weighting factors, cost of capital, selection of valuation method, selection of basis for earnings etc., are all eliminated in the Equilibrium method used by BVX®. 

Valuation in Seconds, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn: The power of Business ValueXpress® (BVX®) is easily deployable with extreme ease. One user said,  

"BVX® is a shoulder fired, thermonuclear deal weapon." G.R., New Jersey 

Due to one-screen operation and user-friendly intuitive interface, a person with financial background can complete a business valuation in a breeze. The “new valuation” template, that opens every time one starts BVX®, requires only nine input parameters to complete a first-cut valuation for a new business. BVX® eliminates subjective inputs, and limits inputs to those which are most critical, are operations driven, and are easily available. This makes it one of the easiest, but most powerful business valuation software.  

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