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BVX® moves valuations from the back-office to live & interactive valuations on the laptop.

Why are business valuations done in the back-office? 

Why is business valuation a big “Project”? 

The objective inputs, and the resulting objective valuation of Business ValueXpress® (BVX®), empower the user with the confidence of doing live, frequent, and interactive valuations in front of the clients. No longer business valuation has to be limited to the back-office; it can be done on the laptops with the clients. BVX® is being used on a negotiating table to help bridge differences of various parties. BVX® eliminates the defensive posture that one needs to take to avoid explaining subjective assumptions of traditional valuation approaches. With BVX®, there are no inputs for choosing valuation methods, weighting factors, selecting earning basis, cost of capital etc.


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