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A seamless valuation tool and a deal structure tool in one product.

Business ValueXpress® (BVX®) provides two powerful business valuation tools in one software product; a Valuation tool and a Deal Structure tool. A single common screen is used for doing valuations, and for analyzing deal structures and “What if” scenarios. 

As a valuation tool, BVX® determines the “Best Value” that satisfies the needs of all parties to a transaction. The “Best Value” is where most transactions occur, because it is not only the highest value for the seller, but it meets the expectations of all other parties to the transaction. 

The Deal Structure capability of BVX® is unmatched in its flexibility, ease-of-use, instantaneous results, and guided feedback. Its use is limited by ones imagination and understanding of financials

What would happen to cash flow and ROI, if the offer were increased? 

What should be the price decrease if the financial markets tighten-up? 

What are the economic implications of changing an Asset offer to a Stock offer? 

What happens if growth projections do not come true? 

What happens if the profit is less than expected? 

If any input is changed, after determining the "Best Value", BVX® automatically changes into an "interactive" mode. All outputs are instantaneously changed, as inputs are changed. For example, if the deal structure is changed from an Asset Purchase to a Stock Purchase all outputs (including Buyer ROI, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, etc.) are changed automatically. Similarly, if the deal is modified for price, or equity, or growth assumption, or lender financing terms, all results are changed automatically. BVX® uses intelligent color-coding to flag areas where the needs of the parties are not satisfied.

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