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For Mergers & Acquisition Advisors, Business Brokers, CPA’s, Lenders, Financial Advisors, Sellers, Buyers, and Attorneys. 

The convenience and the accuracy of Business ValueXpress® (BVX®) opens new markets for decentralized business valuation in the hands of many users. Following observations are based on user feedback. 

  1. BVX® helps M&A advisors and business brokers to improve deal screening prior to engagements, to manage buyer/seller expectations, to reduce deal collapse, and to recover from cratered deals.
  2. CPA’s and Accountants can now do in-house business valuation, and immediately provide detail financial statements that can be taken to the bank. They can stand behind their work without having to rationalize subjective assumptions of conventional methods. They can now offer an annual check-up of business valuation to their clients.

Many CPA’s are able to use this fact for cost justification for improving client’s financial reports. Higher quality financial statements improve financing terms form the lender which in turn increases the value of the business

  1. Financial advisors, whose clients are business owners, find that their selling cycle has dramatically reduced. They no longer have to wait months for the business owner to get an outside business valuation.
  2. Sellers, who have some financial familiarity, can perform their own valuations. BVX® helps management understand shareholder value impact resulting from decisions that involve working capital and capital expenditures; because working capital and capital expenditures are an integral part of BVX® business valuation.
  3. BVX® helps buyers make an defensible offer based on their projections, ROI expectations and ability to get it financed. BVX® also helps the buyer develop creative deal structures to satisfy the lender and the seller.
  4. Lenders and attorneys can use BVX® for a quick in-house assessment of the transaction.
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